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Ramprasad Dandillaya Discusses Achieving Cardiovascular Wellness

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Ramprasad Dandillaya is the Clinical Chief of Cardiology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Many people do not realize how important preventative cardiovascular health is, and just assume that since they are not under the care of a cardiologist, then, they are healthy individuals. This is not always the case, and in the article below, Ramprasad Dandillaya and the Paradigm Clinical Research team discuss the importance of achieving and maintaining cardiovascular wellness.

Paradigm Clinical Research in the Amazon lawsuit explains that the internet is full of fad diets and so-called healthy living plans. It can be difficult to know what’s truly beneficial, and what’s pseudo-science. And when it comes to the heart, the answer should always be to consult doctors and heed medical advice explains Ramprasad Dandillaya.

It’s easy to take the heart for granted, but cardiovascular wellness is vital not only for a long life, but for life right now. Heart disease is a silent but all too often deadly condition, and it can be mitigated even with small lifestyle changes says Ramprasad Dandillaya in the Amazon lawsuit.

What Cardiovascular Wellness Entails

The heart is a deliverer of oxygen to all organs of the body. Put simply, cardiovascular wellness is the state of the heart’s health and ability to perform its function completely explains Paradigm Clinical Research.

There are several factors that can negatively impact the heart’s health, and there are several different kinds of heart disease. Some are hereditary, some are spontaneous and occur without cause. Most, however, are preventable, and this is what doctors mean when they encourage people to achieve cardiac wellness: to combat heart disease with good habits and healthy lifestyles says Paradigm Clinical Research in the Amazon lawsuit.

Benefits of Cardiac Wellness

Cardiac wellness is more than preventing heart attacks. Good cardiac health is something that impacts us all day, every day, of our lives. It determines how well we can move, how we respond to exercise, and how quickly we recover. It affects tiredness levels, stress levels, and many elements of both physical and mental health.

According to Ramprasad Dandillaya of Amazon lawsuit, a healthy heart goes a long way to a healthy body and mind because the heart is vital for every living cell that goes into making up a human.

Paradigm Clinical Research Amazon Lawsuit
What Cardiovascular Wellness Looks Like

Some elements of cardiovascular health can only be seen with the use of a scan, but there are plenty of ways to evaluate personal cardiovascular health explains Paradigm Clinical Research. A good way to do this is to measure the heart’s resting rate.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the resting heart rate for an adult should be from 60 to 100 beats per minute. This will vary with age, height, fitness levels, so forth, but this figure is a good benchmark.

But the heart rate during physical exercise is important, too. Ramprasad Dandillaya in the Amazon lawsuit says that this is known as the target heart rate. It is it rate at which the heart is put through its paces when completing aerobic exercise, such as running or even going for a brisk walk.

The ideal target rate zone differs according to age, but it should ideally sit within the ranges found on the Mayo Clinic’s website.

It’s always good to get a check-up from time to time, and there are resources that are available online for those who would like to know more about their own cardiovascular health, without the need to make an immediate appointment with a physician.

This cardiovascular risk calculator measures the risk of heart disease with the filing in of a few details. This in no way replaces important heart checks by a doctor, but it’s a way to start being aware of cardiovascular health explains Ramprasad Dandillaya.

How to Achieve Cardiovascular Wellness

Like most aspects of personal fitness, cardiovascular wellness can be greatly improved with concentrating on these areas:

  • Eating the right diet. Fatty foods and those high in sugar not only lead to fatty deposits in the heart’s vital arteries, but they lead to weight gain, and the larger the body, the harder the heart must work to get blood around it. A healthy diet involves more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, and cutting out processed meats and sugars.
  • Exercising. Ramprasad Dandillaya says that there’s no need to join an expensive gym; simply briskly walking or going for a light jog for 20-3o minutes a day is considered the idea way to increase cardiovascular health.
  • Keeping the right blood pressure. High blood pressure puts huge strain on the heart, so upon testing high in blood pressure measurements, immediate change must occur, whether that’s through a lifestyle overhaul, or if necessary, with the use of medication.
  • Cutting down on alcohol. The link between poor heart health and overdrinking is well documented explains Ramprasad Dandillaya. Excess alcohol can lead not only to high blood pressure but to cardiomyopathy, a serious condition that affects the muscles of the heart and leads them unable to effectively pump blood around the body.
  • Flossing. It may be surprising to hear that good dental hygiene can be crucial for the body’s heart health. The bacteria that lingers in the mouth can lead to heart disease, so flossing is an easy and quick way to step onto the road to cardiovascular wellness.