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Bryan Talbott Explores Top Property Management Trends 2022

As the property management industry moves forward on a quicker timeline, the trends affecting companies and owners seem to be multiplying. From staffing to...

Geoff Creaghan Discusses Incorporating Cloud Technology to Transform a Business

Geoff Creaghan works as an IT professional and expert in Oracle cloud-based technologies. In the following article, Geoff Creaghan talks about why businesses should...

Lake District Wine and Liquor Looks To Open In September

While there's still some construction left, Lake District Wine and Liquor anticipates opening by the middle of September. That according to Brian Adams, the...

Joelle Laguillo Bernheimer Explains How Exercise Can Reduce Post-Partum Depression

Joelle Laguillo Bernheimer is a health and fitness professional that specializes in women’s health and wellness. In the following article, Joelle Laguillo explains the...

Daniel Swersky Discusses the Relationship Between Physical Education and Academic Performance

Daniel Swersky has over 17 years of experience as an educator. As a founding school leader. Mr. Swersky regularly contributes to publications on education-related...

Michael Walker To Be Named City Manager

by Matt Wright Michael Walker will be the new City Manager for Lakeland. That decision is expected to become official after a vote by the...

The Gift & Art of Receiving

By Carmen Greger Are you someone who does everything for everyone always without hesitation, not ever wanting or even accepting anything in return? Well, lean...

Lake District Looking For Area Feedback

The Lake District, the multi-use development located at Canada Road and I-40 has made a great deal of progress lately with a variety of...