Tricia Stitzel Tupperware

Tricia Stitzel Discusses Why Women in Business Feel Confident About the Future

Tricia Stitzel is the former CEO of Tupperware and is a leader in the Human Resources space. In the following article, Tricia Stitzel discusses...
Paradigm Clinical Research Amazon Lawsuit

Paradigm Clinical Research on Diversity in Clinical Trials: The Key to Healthcare Equality

Juan Amado Rojas De Borbon works in clinical research at Paradigm Clinical Research based in Los Angeles, California. Below, Juan Rojas in the Amazon...
Keith DeMatteis Nassau County

Keith DeMatteis Discusses the Growing Role of Technology in Accounting

Keith DeMatteis is an accounting executive and guest contributor. In the following article, DeMatteis delves into the growing role of technology in accounting practice. Most...
Ana L Avendano

Anna L. Avendano Discusses Quilting as Community Service

Ana L. Avendano is an attorney in the Washington D.C. area. When not in the office, Ana enjoys exploring stress-relieving, time-honored hobbies like embroidery...
Mousavi Law Santa Ana

Amy A. Mousavi Discusses Traveling Tech to Make a Trip More Streamlined

Amy A. Mousavi is a contributor to law and travel publications who enjoys finding new ways to create a better experience while mobile. In...
Ahmad Abdul-Rahim

Ahmad Abdul-Rahim Discusses Safety in Anesthesiology: The Ever-Evolving Practices Enhancing Patient Wellbeing

Dr. Ahmad Rahim worked as a pain management specialist and attending anesthesiologist in Gainesville, Florida. In the following article, Ahmad Abdul-Rahim discusses safety protocols...
Devin Harris Joplin MO

Devin Harris of Joplin, MO Discusses the History of the Great Dane

Devin Harris of Joplin, MO is the owner and operator of Great Danes of the Ozarks, a family business where he breeds and shows...
Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr

Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr Discusses the Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist who practices in the Metropolitan Baltimore Washington D.C. area. In the following...