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Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh Provides Tips for New Runners

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As someone who turns to running for their physical and mental health, Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh is always happy to discuss running with those considering picking it up as a hobby. While people know of the physical benefits, there are questions that people have. Questions like:

  • What if I’m too out of shape?
  • What if running is too difficult?
  • What if running is too painful?
  • What if I embarrass myself?

Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh is here to tell potential runners that everyone has to start somewhere. Even people in phenomenal shape find that running long distances does not come naturally. However, the good news is that everyone has the potential to not only become a runner but a runner who looks forward to each opportunity to run. Today, Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh will advise those just getting started.

The first thing Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh recommends is mapping out a running path ahead of time. If running on the road, run against traffic and map out the route to avoid blind spots. If running on a treadmill, Nancy Errichetti recommends sticking to a pace that doesn’t force a runner to grip the side rails. Having to hold onto the sides will only make a runner run awkwardly, and it could lead to an injury. In addition to knowing where to run, a runner should decide a regular time to run. The best time to run isn’t the morning or the evening, it’s the time that a runner can set aside on a consistent basis. For most, running to start the day is the best choice. However, a runner who finds that their schedule allows for midday runs most frequently should stick to this routine.

When it comes to what to wear, running is not a beauty contest. However, runners will require a running shoe that offers proper support. Women will need a sports bra that also provides adequate support. Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh has found that the wrong equipment can be a major distraction. New runners may also find that they enjoy running more with their music playing. Investing in headphones that don’t need to be adjusted during the run is a must.

Before every run, Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh, advises to prioritize stretching. Loosening up the leg muscles will not only make running easier, but it will also help a runner avoid injury. Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh encourages every runner to have a clear distance in mind to start their run. Whether they are going to run a mile or 10 miles, the goal should be to finish strong. No runner should be afraid to start out slowly and maintain a nice and controlled pace. Finding the right pace can be an enigma to a new runner. Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh believes a helpful trick is to check in on lung capacity. If a person can carry a conversation or sing a tune without strain, they should pick up the pace. If a runner is breathing so hard that they can’t respond to a question, they should probably slow down a bit. Everyone has a different pace. If other runners are running the same path, their pace should not dictate the pace of other runners. Trust Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh when she says that every runner is concerned with their own run and is not concerning themselves with the pace of those around them.

A lot of runners will dread upcoming hills, but Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh notes that a runner should feel confident slowing down when running uphill. It’s not so much about maintaining pace as it is about maintaining the same effort level. Once the hill has passed, a runner can pick up at the same pace they were running. If a hill causes a walking break, so be it. There’s nothing more than consistency for a new runner. Nancy Errichetti of Raleigh would always take walking in between running than a runner who stops showing up.

Most new runners should start by trying to master the mile. If a mile includes multiple walk breaks at first, new runners should know this won’t always happen. One of the quickest ways to running without breaks is to make running a priority three times over the course of every week. Each run allows one to build lung capacity and grow as an athlete. Running every day will likely be too much for muscles and tendons that are not used to running. The body needs time to recover and rebuild, so no new runner should feel pressure to run daily. With that being said, a runner should still treat their bodies to proper hydration and nutrition on off days to make sure they are getting the most out of their recovery.