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MPC Monthly Meeting: The Pet Hospitals and Mobile gas station

MPC Board along with Commissioner Wesley Wright.

By Carl Helton, MPC Board member

At the Thursday (2.15.18) meeting of the MPC (Municipal Planning/Design Review Commission), Commissioner Wesley Wright joined the Board as the BOC (Board of Commissioners) liaison replacing Commissioner Clark Plunk.

Link to agenda which includes staff report on both items before the MPC:  https://tn-lakeland.civicplus.com/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/747

New business was to take action on the building sign for The Pet Hospitals at 3031 Canada Rd. The original sign was approved with conditions at the joint MPC/DRC hearing in February 2017. The new modified sign exceeds the allowed square footage but City staff said it met with the added architectural features, balancing the feature and sign symmetrically. The board approved the request as recommended by the City staff.

Chris Schmidt, architect for The Pet Hospitals, talks with MPC members. Seated is Corey Brady, city planning director.

Mobil gas station owners appeared before the Board to present a landscape plan requested after the over-trimming of trees on Feb. 3.

Anis Kapadia, and Nizar Lalani, owners of the Mobil gas station.

The Board addressed the continued instances with Mobil owners Anis Kapadia and Nizar Lalani proceeding with modifications without Board approval. The Board reviewed a new landscaping plan that meets the ordinance.  The Board approved the plan but made it clear to the owners the steps to completing their upgrades moving forward.  The owners will be back before the Board in March with an engineered photometric plan for approval of new site lighting.

The Board also took the opportunity to discuss creation of a path for a Lakeland overall building design style to avoid a variety of conflicting styles.

… Photos by Lakeland Currents.