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LPS Competes In First Knowledge Bowl Contest

LP Knowledge Bowl Team. Image taken by LPS Principal Corrie Martin.

By Wesley Wright

If you remember watching Saturday morning cartoons and switching channels to find the Knowledge Bowl teams from Germantown, White Station, Christian Brothers, ECS and others competing with the brightest students they could assemble then you will find the first event with Lakeland Preparatory High School extra special. The very first Knowledge bowl team for the LPS Lions gathered at WREG Channel 3 this past Tuesday evening, October 24, 2023, and competed against a team from Collierville High School.

Members of the Lakeland prep team included Ethan Nguyen, Alex Vasilescu, Jesus Trillo, Truman Heames, and Elaina Wright. Those five students comprised the top five to earn a spot on the team after taking a multiple question exam earlier in the year. Teacher and Knowledge Bowl Coach, Matthew Grady, has shepherded the Knowledge Bowl program this year at LPS and helped them prepare for the TV event held at News Channel 3 in Memphis. At this time those with knowledge of the Lakeland v Collierville contest are not allowed to release the score. LPS was competing with only 9th and 10th graders against 12th graders from Collierville High School.

The match will air on Saturday November 18th on Channel 3.