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LPS Band Presents: Blast From The Past

The LPS Band is excited to announce its third annual “Blast from the Past” Spring Concert titled “Jurassic!” scheduled for Thursday, May 11th at 7:00 PM. The concert will predominantly showcase musical pieces related to dinosaurs. Additionally, the concert will feature the debut of “Player One, Press Start” by Benjamin Dean Taylor, which is set to make its Tennessee premiere.

The concert’s finale will be an outstanding performance by the LPS Mass Band, comprising over 150 members. The band will consist of all present band students in grades 6th-9th, their elder siblings, parents, and other family members, private teachers, teachers and administrators from LMPS and LES (Lakeland Elementary School), and many more. They will render a captivating rendition of the iconic “Theme from Jurassic Park” by John Williams.