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Developments Unfold Along Hwy 64: Starbucks Reopens, New Businesses Emerge

Future home of Glide Car Wash and Shadrach's Coffee (seen in the background) on Highway 64.

Ongoing construction activities and the general business landscape along Highway 64, particularly near the I-40 exit, have sparked curiosity among many locals. After a brief closure Starbucks, located in front of Sprouts Grocery Store, has reopened its doors and is fully operational after minor renovations aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience. Backyard Burgers has also successfully revived its operations after speculation that location might close or be bought out, and the Great American Carwash has undergone a transition to become Take 5 car wash under new management.

Another new car wash is also preparing for construction in 2024 on Highway 64 which will be located adjacent to Esporta. Glide Express Car Wash, already established in various Memphis locations, including Germantown and Collierville, is expanding its footprint in Lakeland. More about that news can be read here. With more car wash options on the horizon, the 64 corridor is poised to cater to the diverse needs of Lakeland residents.

A new coffee business is also coming to Highway 64. Shadrachs Coffee, a Arkansas company, is making strides on it’s Lakeland location and is expected to open its doors in early 2024. Shadrachs Coffee, which is drive through only, offers some unique offerings including items from their “Secret Menu” such as the indulgent Brownie Batter, the aromatic Campfire Mocha and the bold En Fuego made with a staggering six shots of espresso. Shadrach’s will be Lakeland’s fifth coffee establishment, including two Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, Carrington Oaks Coffee and Shadrachs. It was only a decade ago Lakeland did not have any businesses of that nature showing the path the city has been on since creating a school system and taking other measures to showcase a dynamic and growing business landscape.