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Come Experience International Family Night At LPS

2019 International Family Night - LC file photo

One of the best events of the year for gathering the community under “one roof” is back! Once scheduled for an earlier date the event is now set for November 15th from 6-8 pm at Lakeland Prep. Details are taking shape and officials thought it would be useful to remind readers of this event for those who want to participate. The theme of the night is “One World, Many Stories.” Mrs. Garland, who organizes the event, said they do need table hosts if you are interested. You can choose your native country, a country of interest or heritage. Tables highlight the food, the artifacts, clothing and more. Do you know of a music or dance group that specializes in cultural performances? You or your group will have an opportunity to perform during the event.

If you have never attended this event before, just imagine a multisensory event where tables representing Mexico, Germany, Kenya, China, and more fill the air with delicious smells and flavors. Colorful presentations grab your attention while a group performs. It is really a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the diversity of our community and to connect with one another. If you can host a table, please sign up at bit.ly/IFNTable. If you can perform, please sign up at bit.ly/IFNPerform. It is currently planned (weather permitting) to be held in the Lakeland Prep Courtyard, which is another first for LPS at this event.