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Clear Creek Interceptor Allows For More Development In Lakeland

Sewer interceptors are not always a fun topic to discuss but they have a major impact on Lakeland. The differences between the Oliver Creek interceptor, which we did a story about earlier this week, and Clear Creek interceptor are many. Oliver Creek does not impact new construction like Clear Creek, and by extension the expansion of Lakeland itself. Both projects have been ongoing in the planning phase for years. The Clear Creek Sanitary Sewer Interceptor project will provide relief to the existing Clear Creek Interceptor which is nearing capacity as well as provide service to residences on the north end of Chambers Chapel Road. Infrastructure is what every town that wishes to grow must maintain and/or expand, and sewers, though it may sound crude, is essential. For example, the Ford Blue Oval plant in Haywood County needed assurances for things like sewer before it could ever be a possibility.

When asked to boil down what area this project impacts city officials will simply state anything east of Seed Tick Road. Several residential developments were able to begin before capacity was met while others were able to gain approval from the BOC with the understanding that this project was approved. Completion is most likely in later 2023 or early 2024. If this project was not approved, then growth would stagnate but that’s the double-edged sword of infrastructure improvements. Two unpopular development proposals, Taylor Farms and Chapel Lakes, were made possible by this project, so the question arises how much does Lakeland want to grow? Officials will need to make that decision and plan things, like our sewers, accordingly.