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Oliver Creek Interceptor Update

Emily Harrell, Lakeland city engineer, (left) discussing the Clear Creek project at a past public event. LC file photo.

The Oliver Creek interceptor, which carries sewer wastewater directly to the Lakeland treatment facility, impacts Lakeland as well as other municipalities. Much of Stonebridge sewer relies on Memphis sewer but that is about to change according to city officials.

Bartlett also relies on the completion of Oliver Creek to make Union Square on Hwy 70 a reality. Construction on the sewer is to begin late 2022 or early 2023 and will take over two years. Upon completion it will generate revenue (anticipated $720,000 annually) and potentially help lower costs for all of Lakeland. That infrastructural investment does not come without costs, for example new sewer rates are anticipated for residents in the Stonebridge area of Lakeland. According to Lakeland City Engineer Emily Harrell, the adjustment in sewer rates will be needed due to the operation and maintenance cost of the system in South Lakeland.

The change is necessary after Lakeland acquires the remaining sewer assets in Stonebridge upon execution of the Inter-jurisdictional Agreement with the City of Memphis. The acquisition from the City of Memphis means Lakeland will fully own and be responsible for the maintenance of the existing sewer infrastructure in Stonebridge. According to city documents that includes approximately 55,379 feet of additional sewer line and three pump stations. A fee structure is already in place for Fairway Meadows residents, which is owned and maintained by Lakeland and treated by Memphis. Mrs. Harrell confirmed the new rates for areas of Stonebridge will increase over the next three years.