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Business Landscape Changing In Lakeland Offering Locals A Different Holiday Feel

Phase 2 of Lakeland Town Square is currently under construction and will introduce several new businesses to Lakeland. Photo taken December 22, 2023.

In a remarkable shift from just a few years ago, Lakeland’s shopping scene has undergone a significant transformation. Previously limited to businesses primarily along Highway 64, the city now boasts a diverse array of local dining and commercial establishments. The changes, which have been celebrated by many businesses marking their first or second anniversaries, have not gone unnoticed by residents and surrounding communities during this Christmas season.

The growing options in Lakeland have become the new normal, with Lakeland residents embracing the expanding choices. This shift has not only enhanced the local lifestyle but is also proving beneficial for the city’s sales tax revenue.

Among the notable developments contributing to this change is The Lake District, a hub for dining, shopping, and services. The Lake District hosts a variety of establishments, including Activate IV & Cryotherapy, Boba Society Bubble Tea, the eagerly awaited Chick-fil-A, Chosen Lines Boutique, CycleBar, Frost Bake Shop, Gloss Nail Bar, Hollywood Feed Pet Store, Lake District Wine & Liquor, LakeFront Wellness, Olive House Mediterranean Grocery Store, Portalas Mexican Restaurant, Starbucks, Stretch Lab, The Soap Factory, and the highly successful Villa Castrioti Italian Restaurant.

The Lake District has seen an increase in business traffic this Christmas season.

Just a short five-minute drive away is Lakeland Town Square, featuring Shades of Nails, Carrington Oaks Coffeehouse, The Exercise Coach, Fields Insurance, the soon-to-arrive Margaritas, Bryant Realty, and The Owners Box – renowned as possibly the best sports bar experience in Shelby County, even drew a visit recently from basketball legend and the University of Memphis Head Basketball coach Penny Hardaway.

The business growth is not expected to slow down anytime soon. The upcoming Phase 2 of Lakeland Town Square, which is under construction now, promises to double the commercial square footage and hopes to introduce three new restaurants. Additionally, Ashmont development, which is located at Canada Road and Davies Plantation Road and is currently undergoing the necessary dirt work to start construction, is set to include a grocery store and several restaurants according to the developer’s plans although business names have not be released at this time.

In just a matter of years, Lakeland has transformed into a vibrant business destination, a stark contrast to the limited choices of just five years ago and that transformation looks to continue into the future.