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Who is Mikael La Ferla – Web Designer and Developer

Mikael La Ferla

Mikael La Ferla is a web developer and designer, with experience in the accounting industry. In the following article, insights into Mikael Laferla’s professional career and experience is discussed.

In the world of web design and web development, it is essential to discover who is not only the most proficient in the job, but those who are most passionate about it, as well. When looking for a web designer and developer who exhibits that passion, Mikael La Ferla stands out, as will be exemplified in coverage of his professional background and certificate classes.

Mikael La Ferla has proven his passion for both website design and website development by not only utilizing his reasoning and logical processing skills from his time as an accounting intern but furthering his knowledge of the craft through certification classes.

In this article, a brief biography of the accomplished web developer and accountant, Mikael La Ferla, as well as an overview of the certificate classes he has spent time learning and honing his skills is discussed.

Entrepreneur and Business Professional

With a website that details his capabilities in several fields, from accounting to consulting to web design and even web development, it is easy to tell that Mikael Laferla is a hard worker and a responsible distributor of his own talents.

However, that is not all there is to know about him. He began his work in editing, and in fact, spent time as a co-editor at the same time as he worked on a Research and Development Team during his first internship.

These skills of innovation and being able to communicate new ideas aided Mikael Laferla well in his accounting experience, learning to analyze data as an intern, gathering skills that allowed him to prep audits and financial reports.

While working for the property group he interned under, Mikael La Ferla did not stop at completing assigned tasks, but went above and beyond by solving accounting problems with new innovations. His main focus was on property management accounting.

However, the same willingness to learn and try new solutions that helped him to innovate in the accounting internship led Mikael Laferla to increase his education in the field of web development and design. Below is a look into what those web design and development classes looked like.

Web Development and Design Certificate Classes

Mikael Laferla has taken part in several certificate classes, in order to sharpen his web design and development skills providing more up-to-date and efficient designs.

  1. Framing Front-End Web Development
    2. Styling Web Content With CSS
    3. Structuring Content with HTML

Each of these classes is offered by eCornell as part of a certificate program for Web Design and Development.

Framing Front-End Web Development

One of the primary course projects Mikael La Ferla took part in during his Framing Front-End Web Development class helped him to refine his application of mental models as well as cement his understanding of their importance.

This was done by selecting a website already in existence and using its structure to describe his mental model, otherwise known as the way Mikael believed it would function the best. He chose Craigslist and recommended a more user-friendly, engaging interface for the popular job listing website.

In this class project, he was able to exemplify and use all that he had learned about analyzing the way a company’s structure either benefited its profits or damaged them, and what was successful about a pre-existing model.

Mikael La FerlaStyling Web Content With CSS

In this course, Mikael La Ferla was able to learn how to subject coding under design in terms of prioritization, emphasizing the importance of being able to empathize with a target audience. Understanding how a potential client may feel about a website through design rather than focusing solely on the code clients are unlikely to see was a huge factor in this.

Structuring Content with HTML

In the Structuring Content with HTML course, La Ferla was tasked with identifying web page elements and understanding why the architecture of information was important.

By the end of the course, he was able to not only produce valid HTML and structure the navigation of complex, multi-page websites, but do so in a way that did not sacrifice design principles.

In Conclusion

In summary, Mikael La Ferla is a dedicated accountant and former accounting intern, but he has used these skills to further his other career interests for the better, including web development and design. There is no greater proof of this than his continued education and accomplishments in the field.

More information on Mikael La Ferla and his accomplishments can be found on his own website, where evidence of his work and the payoff of those web design and development classes are plain to see!