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Update On TDOT Projects In The Area

Road construction. LC File photo.

Special update from Commissioner Wesley Wright

Plans for widening I-40 to 385 and the complete overhaul of the Hwy 64 exit has been given a clearer timeline. TDOT is saying fiscal year 2025, which means as early as 2024 for construction. Blue Oval will be in operation before the TDOT construction is finished, so you have been warned. It’s much needed in this case, that exit is not efficient but there will be a learning curve with the new design.

A new bit of information that was announced at the BOC meeting involves the renovation of the Old Davies Plantation bridge within 5 years. In anticipation of the revamp the BOC agreed to move forward with a grant application for a pedestrian/bike path from 64 to the bridge. There was discussion about other areas needing connectivity as well, mentioned were the Monroe extension of the Canada Bike Ped path as well as strong support for connecting Seed Tick to Canada via paths someday.