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Update on Lakeland Super 8 Sex Trafficking Story

SCSO at the Super 8 Motel June 13.

Two suspects have been arrested after a sex crimes incident at the Lakeland Super 8 Motel yesterday (6.13.17) although one was booked on outstanding warrants.

Earle Farrell, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO)

Darius Hunt, suspect from Super 8 Motel in Lakeland.
Anna Stuckey, associated with Mr. Hunt but arrested on outstanding warrants.

public information officer, said the male suspect, Darius Hunt, 22,  is from Memphis and he was arrested.  A woman at the motel, Anna Stuckey,  was also arrested, but on outstanding warrants and not for sex crimes, said Mr. Farrell.

Charges against Mr. Hunt include aggravated kidnapping, false imprisionment and trafficking for commercial sex act, according to the SCSO website.

Mr. Farrell said the 19-year-old victim is from North Carolina and the suspect was visiting his sister in North Carolina.  He said the suspect was coming to Music Fest in Memphis (Beale Street Music Festival) which was May 5-7.  The three (victim and two suspects) checked into the Lakeland Super 8 Motel Sunday (6.11.7).

The young woman was left alone in a second floor room at the motel and used that opportunity to call her mother and 911, said Mr. Farrell.  She said she was being held against her will and was forced into prostitution.

The car impounded from the incident was a Dodge Charger Daytona.

… photo by Jim Willis, Lakeland Currents.