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Tree Services Working Overtime In Lakeland

Lakeland is lucky to have a large contingency of citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit and thriving small businesses. One of those industries has been operating at full throttle since the Sunday evening storms: tree removal. A local tree removal service, owned by Lakeland residents, has provided us with a glimpse into their tireless efforts to restore a sense of normalcy. Memphis Tree Service LLC, along with numerous others, is working diligently to address the aftermath of the recent events.

A tree snapped in half in front of First Baptist Lakeland.

Drew and Caitlin Williams, who have been involved in the tree business for many years, graciously allowed us to witness the progress being made in the area. Over the past two days, their primary focus has been assisting individuals facing severe situations, followed by attending to families with fallen trees in their yards. Impressively, they have been able to complete the removal and cleanup for 2-3 houses each day. Unfortunately, one incident involved a tree collapsing and damaging a house near Oak Elementary in Bartlett. Additionally, some may have noticed a house with a crane in the driveway near Garner Lake, indicating the diligent work of tree companies like Memphis Tree Service.

A crane was required to remove a tree at a home on Garner Lake.

These tree removal services face numerous challenges as they strive to minimize further damage and prioritize safety as well as make a way for MLGW crews to restore power. As the hot weather is expected to soar in the next few days their work is nowhere near done, but it’s appreciated by many in Lakeland.