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Trash Pickup Severely Delayed Due To Weather

In the aftermath of a substantial snowfall, Lakeland navigated challenging conditions with limited resources, relying on a single snowplow to clear roads. School closures and staggered business openings have persisted over several days, and residents have managed the slippery aftermath of the Sunday to Monday winter weather event.

As Lakeland copes with the impact, uncertainties linger, particularly regarding trash pickup which has been delayed almost all week and officials are not sure when it will resume. Thursday morning brought more slippery conditions with freezing rain, which is expected to last all afternoon as forecasted by the National Weather Service.

Hazardous travel conditions are anticipated, with the high likelihood of black ice formation. Although temperatures are projected to peak at 32 degrees in the late afternoon, the lingering road issues may persist overnight into the following morning. While major roads seem to be fairing better, neighborhood streets are still dangerous in certain areas where garbage trucks would need to navigate. Lakeland officials said trash pickup announcements will be made on social media as soon as they have a definitive schedule for pickup.

Updated: The City has confirmed trash pickup will resume on Monday, January 22, 2023.