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TLD owner speaks at EDC/IDB meetings Thursday night

Yehuda Netanel, owner of The Lakeland District (TLD), spent some time at two City meetings Thursday (5.23.19) night to share progress of the project and dispel rumors about the development.

Mr. Netanel spoke during public discussion at the start of the EDC (Economic Development Commission) and IDB (Industrial Development Board) meetings at City Hall.

(Coverage of both City meetings will be provided by Lakeland Currents in a separate story.)

He had much information to offer about work on the 160+ acre mixed-use development, but mainly, he wanted to address rumors which have swirled around the project on social media and conversation through the community.

“I also want to address this persistent thing that does not help Lakeland,” he said.  In trying to attract business to Lakeland, the world is watching what is being posted to social media, he said.

“You think you’re writing things in obscure social media. But it’s everywhere.  When somebody mentioned that The Lake District is really a wonderful place to store trash cans, it’s everywhere,” said Mr. Netanel.

The reference is to a comment posted on social media in March 2019 by Lakeland Commissioner Richard Gonzales Jr., denigrating The Lake District project, where Mr. Netanel had allowed new City of Lakeland waste containers to be staged for distribution.

“I drove through there today, and yes there is indeed progress at the Lake District site!  It looks as if the trash cans for the new homes and apartments have been delivered!!!   Progress at last!!”

Commissioner Gonzales continued, “But you got to admit these trash cans are pretty symbolic of the mess our prime piece of commercial real estate is in.”

Additionally, Mr. Netanel recently learned that people were spreading rumors that he lost financing for the project.  But, he added, “We’re doing fine.”

Watch the video of Mr. Netanel detailing the upcoming progress of TLD and asking Lakeland citizens to be positive about their City.

The Lake District is an upscale mixed-use community surrounding a 10-acre lake and waterways in Lakeland.  It is to have five premier districts including retail, restaurants, office space, hotels and residential.  Phase 1 retail is scheduled to be open for the holidays in 2020.

… Video by Jim Willis, Lakeland Currents