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Three Month Grocery Tax Holiday For Lakeland

Lakeland residents will be able to enjoy the tax break later this year at the Lakeland Aldi and Sprouts locations.

Earlier this month Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced in his State of the State address his desire to see a grocery tax holiday for all Tennesseans. The three-month break from state and local grocery taxes would extend to everything purchased at any grocery store in the state, including Sprouts and Aldi in Lakeland, with the exclusion of beer, wine, and cigarettes.

Last year Lakeland residents enjoyed a one month break from grocery taxes in August. The program was so successful, the Governor wanted to increase the time length stating Tennessee’s financial strength as a reason the tax break should be pursued. “Last August, we gave Tennessee families a one-month break from grocery taxes, to provide relief amid nationwide inflation. We should do that again this year, but let’s extend it to three consecutive months,” Governor Lee said.

Food prices are expected to climb throughout the year so the tax break would be welcome to Lakeland families. The grocery tax holiday would last from August 1, 2023, through October 31, 2023.