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Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD on Training Labrador Retrievers

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Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD, is a lifelong animal lover. The joy that his black Labrador Retriever brings to his life can’t be rivaled, but he knows that people who get a Labrador Retriever puppy are often overwhelmed at first. Because Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD, is a well-known dog owner amongst his family and friends, he is often asked to provide training advice. The truth is if a Labrador Retriever is adequately trained as a puppy, there’s no better companion to have by your side. Today, Taylor Metzger of Sabillasville, MD, will offer some insights to help dog owners raise happy and healthy pups.

The first advice Taylor Metzger provides Labrador Retriever owners is to make sure their home is ready before bringing home their puppy. Everyone knows that they need to make some adjustments to their house before they have a baby, but not everyone considers making some changes before the arrival of a new puppy. A Labrador Retriever is going to want to chew on whatever it can, especially when they are puppies. It’s important to have plenty of chew toys available and make sure that any valuables are stored away ahead of time. To make sure that a puppy only chews on chew toys, Taylor Metzger recommends rewarding pups when they play with their chew toys. The more excited their owner gets about something, the more the dog will want to continue that action. In addition to moving items owners don’t want to be chewed on away from puppies, it’s also important to understand plants and foods that are harmful to dogs. There’s obviously a danger in chocolate, and even some house plants can be dangerous to a dog’s system. Understanding what is threatening to a puppy can significantly help a new owner keep their dog safe.

There’s no concern greater than potty training for a new dog owner. Labrador Retrievers are fast learners, and the best puppy trainers will introduce their animals to a strict routine. Puppies should be let outside first thing in the morning and right before bed each night. During the initial training period, Taylor Metzger recommends that puppies are taken outside every thirty minutes and provided with a small treat each time they use the bathroom outside. It won’t be long before these intelligent animals realize they need to head to the door when they need to relieve themselves.

The next piece of advice Taylor Metzger offers is to prioritize exercise and socialization. Labrador Retrievers have a lot of energy, and they need to get out and exercise. After the six-month mark, owners should try to take their dogs out for long walks or put them into a doggy daycare that will allow them to burn off some energy. During the initial puppy phase, introducing them to games like fetch or taking them for shorter walks is encouraged. Labradors are often selected as service dogs due to their high intelligence and friendly demeanor toward people. As social dogs, it’s iessentialto introduce them to people as well as other dogs. Getting your pet comfortable with others is very important during the puppy stage.

One of the biggest hurdles for new dog owners is sticking to a grooming schedule. Few people look forward to cutting their dog’s nails, but it is important for their health. Labrador Retrievers typically need their teeth and ears cleaned once a week. While a dog is being groomed, their nails should be trimmed short to reduce the risk of any unwanted infections. The good news is that most Labs only need to be bathed monthly unless they happen to play in some mud…

There are so many paid training programs, but Taylor Metzger believes anyone with a positive attitude and some free time can handle puppy training on their own. Positive reinforcement is the name of the game. Consistently rewarding a puppy with either a treat or a little hug and some excitement will teach them quicker than many would think. Once they find their routine, it will no longer be necessary to prompt them into action. While training any breed of dog can be hard work, the reward of their companionship is well worth the effort.