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Tavern 64 Opening Soon

At the Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting last week, a brief beer board meeting was held. In the rare instance a beer board meeting is needed, it usually involves an existing business or a recently approved development. However, in this case it was an existing structure on Highway 64 which is already connected to a business. During the Covid pandemic the opening of Tavern 64, which is located next to Burning Desire Cigar Emporium, was in limbo like many other commercial ventures. But many locals have looked at the signage for Tavern 64, which has been up for months, with curiosity.

Both the cigar establishment and Tavern 64 are owned and operated by the same entrepreneur, Mr. Robb Hunter. The opening of Tavern 64 will give another restaurant option on Highway 64 that does not involve a drive-through. The establishment is expected to serve food like hot and cold sandwiches and specialty pizzas. Mr. Hunter anticipates opening soon now that his construction work has been completed.

At the beer board hearing, he told the BOC his hours would be from 11am until 9pm weekdays but he expects to be open later on weekends. City Planning director Paul Luker said because the zoning for that location is already C-2, it is permitted to sell beer. The BOC granted unanimous approval for the premises Beer Permit application for Tavern 64. Tavern 64 can be found at 8968 U.S. Highway 64, Suite 103.