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StretchLab Opens At The Lake District Next Week

StretchLab Lakeland. Image from their Facebook page.

The fitness counterpart to CycleBar is having a soft opening next week on November 3rd. StretchLab, which is located next to the soon to be open Villa Castrioti restaurant in The Lake District, has been ready for this moment for a long time. According to the owners of StretchLab, they promote health and wellness through better mobility and movement. Owners said they can stretch anyone from young athletes to very experienced adults to aid in injury prevention through flexibility.

They offer one-on-one assisted stretching from certified “Flexologists” that go through 80-100 hours of training. Their PNF stretching method helps increase range or motion, decreases muscle and joint pain, improves posture, increases sports performances and decreases recovery time. All members have access to their MAPS technology which stands for Mobility, Activation, Posture and Symmetry, 3D body scanning imaging to see how your body is moving so they can customize a stretch specific to each individual for fit your needs and goals.

All members also receive access to StretchLab videos on demand to help with stretching outside of their studio. They have an open studio to promote energy, fun and an all-inclusive environment. There is ample parking out front for any number of customers. Owners said you can learn more StretchLab from the corporate web site, www.stretchlab.com or through their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.