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Stonebridge Golf Club Lawsuit Holding Any Sale at Bay

File photo, Stonebridge Golf Course

One of the two owners of Stonebridge Golf Club, Robert Mears, told Lakeland Currents today (1.29.18) the property is involved in a lawsuit and cannot be sold without agreement of both owners.

The lawsuit between Mr. Mears and Mark Lovell, the other owner, was filed in April 2016.  See link to court docket:


“It is not happening (the sale of the Club) until we reach an agreement,” said Mr. Mears.  He said any sale of the Club requires signatures of both parties. And Mr. Mears said the law suit is far from over and is expected to get more heated in coming months.

Mr. Mears said Mr. Lovell is interested in subdividing the property, selling and putting in apartments.

Sale of the property was discussed over the weekend on social media sites.

From Vice Mayor Josh Roman:

Ever since being a young golfer on the grounds crew working basically for free golf, I’ve always held Stonebridge Golf Course in the highest regard.  The mixed housing idea has no support and I know that this leadership is committed to working to help keep this facility open if possible.”

The Club was built in 1973 and purchased in April 2013 for $1.5 million from Textron Financial by Golf Nation, LLC which is Mr. Mears and Mr. Lovell. It is at 3049 Davies Plantation Rd in Lakeland.

Link to the Club webpage https://www.stonebridgegolf.com/