Home Attractions Spring 2023 Lakeland Yard Sale Right Around The Corner

Spring 2023 Lakeland Yard Sale Right Around The Corner

Fall 2022 yard sale in Lakeland.

Lakeland will be hosting its annual Spring Yard Sale on April 15th, 2023, for the ninth year in a row. Those interested in participating can sign up now by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=655823593213640&set=a.342234084572594. In previous years, between 100 and 200 homes have held garage sales in both the Fall and Spring seasons. While nobody can predict the weather, mid-April should provide more comfortable temperatures for shoppers. Unfortunately, there is no rain check date, but despite precipitation on two occasions, the sale has proceeded as planned with a large number of participants.

Those who have registered to sell items are responsible for setting up and removing their signage by Monday. Many residents start selling on Friday morning and continue through Saturday morning, with most participants closing up shop by 2pm on Saturday afternoon. The majority of buyers tend to visit the sale by 10am on Saturday morning, so it is recommended that residents set up prior to 7am to ensure maximum exposure to potential customers.

Previous participants have reported positive outcomes from the yard sale, with some teaming up with neighbors for a combined sale or utilizing high-visibility signage to draw in more traffic. Overall, the Spring Lakeland Yard Sale has proven to be a fruitful opportunity for those looking to sell their belongings or find great deals from local sellers.