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Shell and Starbucks Receive Approvals From MPC Committee

The Shell gas station is nearing completion in Lakeland Town Square.

During the June meeting of the Lakeland Municipal Planning Commission (MPC), City Manager Michael Walker provided a summary of the sign plan for the upcoming Shell gas station in Lakeland Town Square. Situated at the intersection of Highway 70 and Seed Tick Road, this multi-tenant fuel center will house a convenience store and accommodate two other businesses. One of these businesses may feature a drive-thru model, possibly for a fast-food establishment. With construction nearing completion, the gas station is expected to open by the fall of 2023. The sign plan received unanimous approval from all MPC members.

The Shell gas station ground sign was approved by the MPC.

Another topic on the MPC’s agenda was a site plan application for the Starbucks located at 9014 Highway 64. The application sought to make exterior site improvements that would enhance the drive-thru lane’s capacity for customer queuing. By implementing these changes, Starbucks aimed to eliminate any confusion regarding the entry points for the drive-thru line. The MPC also granted unanimous approval for Starbucks’ application.