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SCSO Activity at Super 8 Motel in Lakeland

Car searched at Super 8 Motel.
Investigation continues on the second floor of the Super 8 Motel.
SCSO deputies at Super 8 Motel.

An incident at the Lakeland motel today (6.13.17) which fronts I-40 at Canada Road brought six Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) vehicles to the scene for a “welfare check,” as explained by Earle Farrell, SCSO public information officer.

Mr. Farrell said a 19-year-old girl was held against her will and has been taken downtown to the sex crimes unit for further investigation.  He said she was forced into prostitution.

A male and female perhaps associated with the Dodge Charger are being questioned downtown.

Mr. Farrell didn’t not know if any of the subjects are from the area, or out-of-town.

Earlier Mr. Farrell said a welfare check is usually for health issues.  He added the male suspect was involved in a traffic stop.  The car is a Dodge Charger Daytona.