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Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ Discusses the Most Popular Activities in the Area

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ is a life-long town resident and community activist. In the following article, Scott Lieberman discusses the top attractions, restaurants, and activities that bring tourists into the town of Bergenfield.

The town is located in the northeast of New Jersey, only 18 miles away from New York City. Bergenfield is sometimes overlooked by the bustling atmosphere that resides less than an hour’s drive away, but this town really has a lot to offer.

If you’re planning a trip to town, or you live nearby, Scott Lieberman provides some insight into the top attractions and events in the area that will make any visit the best it can be.


Bergenfield Museum

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ explains that the town boasts lots of interesting history, so why not learn about the fascinating past behind the streets underfoot? Artifacts, anecdotes, and items particularly relevant to the Cooper Property are some of the things you can expect to find here.

The Bergenfield Museum is small and can be toured quickly. It is located just north of Cooper’s Pond, but be sure that you check their opening times before heading out.

Cooper’s Pond

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ reports that Cooper’s Pond is located right in the center of the town, and is the perfect spot for dog walking, wildlife watching, or just experiencing a snippet of nature in the midst of a busy week.

The pond is large and proivides some great wildlife viewing. It is surrounded by greenery and has received many reviews that particularly comment on its peaceful nature.

Shooting Zone

This is a great option for anyone with energetic children who fancy a bit of fun, explains Scott Lieberman. Shooting Zone is an archery center that can accommodate archery lessons and leisure activities.

Located only 15 minutes from Bergenfield center, this is a great place to integrate some fun into your visit.

Bergen County Zoo

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ says that a quick 15-minute drive from the center of town is all it takes to reach the Bergen County Zoo. The attraction is home to many species, including some rare animals such as mountain lions, tamarinds, and capybaras.

With plenty of child-friendly activities dotted around the site, and a plethora of animals to see, Bergen County Zoo is the perfect day trip for individuals, school groups and families.

 Food and Drink:

Korean BBQ Chicken

If you’re looking for classic BBQ chicken with an Asian twist, look no further. Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ remarks that the recent opening of this BBQ chicken restaurant makes a great spot for either lunch or dinner.


If you’re in the southern part of Bergenfield, why not check out this 5-star rated restaurant that’s located only 10 minutes away from the center of the town?

Perfect for vegetarians or Muslims who eat Halal meat, Antioch restaurant is known for its Mediterranean and Turkish food choices. Chicken shish kebabs, gyro sandwiches, and flatbreads are just a handful of what’s available here.

Firehouse Subs

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ says that if you’re looking for a quick lunch stop, Firehouse Subs boasts a wide range of sliced meats, cheese, and salad choices, all of which come in very generously sized portions.

Whether you’re looking to eat on the go or stop for a meal, Firehouse Subs is always a great choice, having received countless positive reviews.

Republic 23 Lounge

With lovely food, a range of drinks to choose from, and a buzzing environment, Republic 23 Lounge is the perfect place for anyone searching for a club vibe. Many have used this site for girls’ nights and have often made particular mention of Taco Tuesdays.

Community Events

Scott Lieberman of Bergenfield, NJ says that throughout the spring and summer of 2023, Bergen and the neighboring counties host a string of street fairs, craft shows, and festivals that involve selling local products, advertising local artists, hosting live music, and even including children’s games and rides. These events are perfect for families and are sure to keep children entertained.

The MetLife Stadium is located only 20 minutes away and frequently hosts sports events and concerts. If you’re planning a trip to Bergenfield, make sure to check if the stadium is hosting any events during your stay. In May, it welcomes Taylor Swift, so these aren’t just small, quiet events either!

Final Thoughts

Not much is commonly heard about Bergenfield, and for the most part, it is simply a small town in New Jersey. What most don’t realize, though, is that Bergenfield and the surrounding areas are jam-packed with hidden gems, and they can provide a wide variety of entertainment, food spots, and interesting events for everyone to enjoy.