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Ronald Celio on Wristwatch Collectibles

Ronald Celio Warwick Rhode Island

Ronald Celio, formerly of Warwick Rhode Island is an avid wristwatch collector and historian. In the following article, Ronald Celio discusses the history of the watch, the most valuable brands, and what makes these particular watches a collectors’ item.

Ah, the wristwatch! With it’s class and cultural impact, it’s no wonder many people collect them. However, why is this still a hobby after the advent of the clock on the popular and commonly-owned mobile phone?

Collectible watches are unofficially classified, but are generally defined as brands that are easily recognizable, the heritage of the model, and the value of re-selling the watch. The most expensive brands are the Patek Philipp, the OMEGA, and the Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The History of the Wristwatch

Ronald Celio of Warwick Rhode Island explains that the wristwatch was invented in the 16th century, and primarily was worn by women while men preferred the pocket watch until the beginning of the 20th century. In fact, they were considered a type of jewelry or bracelet first and foremost, rather than achieving notoriety for their ability to tell the time.

Eventually, according to Ronald Celio, military men began to wear wristwatches themselves in the line of duty as the nineteenth century ended. Without being able to synchronize movements, most warfare operations would have been completely lost; luckily, the wristwatch provided a necessary utility.

The first official patent for a wristwatch for men was made by the Garstin Company of London, though they were probably not the first to create the leather straps affixing watches to men’s wrists. However, in the early days of the 20th century, a Swiss company called Dimier Freres & Cie patented a design that used wire lugs, an innovation used in standard watches today.

Since these early days, wristwatches have become more and more popular. Although mobile phones have replaced the necessity for these watches by and large, collectors continue to purchase them for their look and the symbolism of their craftsmanship.

Top 3 Most Valuable Brands

Ronald Celio provides below a look at the top 3 most valuable wristwatch brands.
Their popularity stems from their expert craftsmanship, impressive durability, accuracy, and heritage. An overview of these luxury brands can help readers understand why they make great collectibles, and the appeal they represent to those interested in the hobby.

Ronald Celio of Warwick Rhode Island reviews the primary features of these popular watch brands in order to understand what makes them tick—no pun intended!

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe watches have been renowned for more than 2 centuries because of their incredible dedication to craftsmanship. This heritage carries plenty of weight with collectors, as Patek Philippe watches are widely regarded as some of the greatest symbols of elevated social status and craft integrity of all time.

Ronald Celio says that the value of a Patek Philippe watch cannot be overstated. They start around the price of $18,000 with their piece, the Aquanaut. However, their most popular and iconic watch is the Nautilus. One of these can go for $27,000 at its starting price.

The most expensive of Patek Philippe watches is well over $300,000. They not only hold this value monetarily, but it also appreciates over time.

Ronald Celio Warwick Rhode IslandOMEGA

OMEGA brand wristwatches come from the OMEGA company, which was established in 1848 by the Swiss watchmaker, Louis Brandt. These watches are also long-lasting, high in craft quality, and very valuable. Consumers typically choose this non-magnetic watch because of it’s trademark lightness in weight.

They are made with non-ferrous materials instead of a soft iron inner case to avoid magnetism. This innovation is just one of the reasons collectors love OMEGA watches. The price point is typically between $5,200 and $7,150.


Ronald Celio, formerly of Warwick Rhode Island explains that another Switzerland-based wristwatch making company is Jeager LeCoultre, which was started in 1833. This nearly 200-year-old brand has achieved fame for heritage alone in collector’s circles. However, their innovation and creativity rivals their competition, too.

Though this brand does not hold it’s value quite as well as others, it is still a very high-end watch well worth collecting.

In Conclusion

Watch collecting has been a symbol of honor and societal status since the start of the 20th century, when the craftsmanship of a watch could mean the difference between victory and defeat in wartimes.

Since then, the popularity and use of the modern wristwatch has diminished, collectors return to brands like OMEGA and Jeager LeCoultre for the same values in status and craftsmanship!