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Robert Rogal on the History of RoGallery

Ro Gallery

Robert Rogal is an established art dealer in New York City. With over 40 years in fine art buying and selling, Mr. Rogal has made a name for himself in the art world even before his gallery opened. In the following article, the history of RoGallery is discussed, how the dream got started, and what the future holds.

Tucked on 36th St, walking distance from a grocery store and a wig shop, one of the most prestigious art dealerships in New York is hard at work. The location of their shop is rich with character, mirroring the heart of the establishment itself.

Don’t be fooled by the homey brick-and-mortar walls surrounding this art world phenomenon- RoGallery is not a force to be trifled with.

The Making of…

It was the early 80s. While the rest of the world was picking out their next acid-washed denim combo and squeezing themselves into spandex, Gail and Robert Rogal were turning their dreams into reality- making their gallery, RoGallery more than just a project, but a presence.

But the truth is, the formation of their gallery didn’t come without years of work in advance. The couple was already known as notable figures in the art community, and their existence as trustworthy dealers predated their setting up shop.

By buying out the stock of multiple art publishing companies over the years, the Rogals had already made a name for themselves. Soon after they opened up the doors for the RoGallery, they had already had a reputation in the art community of New York and the greater area. Lovers of the beautiful trusted their tastes and wasted no time supporting this new endeavor.

With that, it didn’t take long for their collection to expand, growing to include more than just original paintings- but photographs, sculptures, and other pieces in an array of mediums. Their passion and prominence expanded alongside their displays- further establishing their place in the art world.

Affirming Its Place

It’s been a bit since RoGallery opened up its doors, but with now almost 40 years under their belt, the reach of the business has expanded well past the state lines of New York. People from all over the nation look to them to furnish their homes, workplaces, and other buildings with some of the highest quality art pieces on the market.

Though the couple may have initially started the business as a place for lovers of art to view a specially curated collection of works, it has since then expanded to also be an auction house and art dealership.

Housed in one of the most artistic hotspots of the world, there’s no better-suited location for a hub of over 5000+ artworks of both modern and contemporary backgrounds. Whether people are coming to browse or buy, they will be wowed by the organization of the grounds, the politeness of employees, and the knowledge they hold regarding each work.

RoGallery now offers a wide variety of different services that allows them to keep up with its strong reputation. They have the option to frame purchased pieces before shipment so they’re ready to be displayed, can assist buyers in choosing which work(s) would best fit with the flow of their home, and can even appraise works.

Not only that, but independent artists can even sell their work to RoGallery so that their pieces can be a part of the collection. These can be paintings, prints, photographs, and other mediums, and can range from a singular piece to a series of works. They aren’t able to buy everything offered, but the accessibility of opportunity is paramount.

Robert Rogal

And Along the Way…

RoGallery doesn’t just have independent artists displayed, though.

The dealership is home to a number of pieces of distinct cultural impact- including works from art moguls like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. For the former, the gallery holds more than 800 pieces, including signed works and ceramics. Warhol has 110 works in RoGallery, including multiple of his silkscreen likenesses of Marilyn Monroe.

Other big names that the gallery has available to buyers include pieces by pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein, modernist artists like Joan Miro, as well as optical art artists like Richard Anuszkiewicz. One of their most notable pieces is a Keith Haring motorcycle jacket that the artist only painted a handful of.

The gallery has ties with auction partners like eBay and LiveAuctioneers, as well as online sites like Amazon, Etsy, and Artspace- making their reach go so much farther than state or country lines. Their exhibit is accessible throughout the world, and with worldwide shipping at the ready, there are no boundaries to where their collection can go.

The Future of RoGallery

The goal of RoGallery hasn’t faltered since its conception. They want to bring beauty to those who are in search of it and won’t stop until that mission is fulfilled. With there being no shortage of artwork in creation, and consequently no deficiency of people yearning for it, it’s safe to say that RoGallery will continue building its empire for years to come.