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Red bows in Lakeland and beyond show support for those on front lines of COVID-19

Christy Davis with red bow. Photo by her husband Thomas Davis

A Lakeland woman wanted to show support for those on the front lines of the Coronavirus.

Christy Davis decided she would do something positive to support the stressful times for healthcare professionals, first responders and military families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She decided on red bows for mailboxes starting in the neighborhood of Oakwood where she lives.  She was linked with a neighbor who has a design business and does Christmas decorations for Oakwood, Andrea Westblade.  Mrs. Westblade now makes the support bows, collects the orders and places the bows on mailboxes, after she sprays them with Lysol, she said.

Now the bows adorn 75 mailboxes in Oakwood, The Grove, Herons Ridge and Winstead Farms in Lakeland as well as Germantown, Arlington, Bartlett and Eads.

They are available to others in the community for $10 per bow.  Profits from the sales will go to the Regional Response Fund.

A nurse at a local hospital, Mrs. Davis said, “I wanted to do something positive, supporting each other.”  She said the health care field is very stressful right now.  “We are all in this together.”

She shared the idea on social media and the project spiraled from there, she said. “The idea is to buy a bow for someone you know who is a first responder, healthcare professional or military and have it placed on their mailbox.  Or buy one for your own mailbox to show support.”

To join this effort of support and thoughtfulness, contact Mr. Westblade at andreawestblade@yahoo.com or Facebook messenger on her page:   https://www.facebook.com/andrea.westblade

Payment can be made through Venmo or cash.