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Parents And Students Enjoy LPS 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Dr. Ted Horrell speaking to the LPS 8th grade graduates.

Hundreds of family and friends descended onto Bellevue Baptist Church recently for the Lakeland Prep promotion ceremony for the 8th grade graduates moving up to high school. The Lakeland School Board, Superintendent Horrell, Mayor Roman, and a host of other administrators and speakers held the stage. Students proceeded in with the popular tune of Elgar and onlookers captured as much footage as their cell phones would allow. Everything was as expected, and perhaps even better as these moments always delivers something special. Over 200 LPS students are moving on to LPS HS or other places of education in the 2023-2024 school year.

The LPS 8th Grade Choral Ensemble performed for the crowd and delighted everyone with a piece entitled Homeward Bound. Speakers included LPS Principal Corrie Martin, Student Council President Adelaide Fabacher, Salutatorian Mia Anderson and Valedictorian Gabrielle Che and all presented motivational and contemplative speeches. Several speakers used quotes that drew from great minds of our past. The ceremony was full of wit, brief and the right blend of what makes these moments special. In closing, Dr. Ted Horrell summarized the achievements of this class, probably the most decorated thus far coming out of the LPS 8th grade, exceeded expectations and he said he expects even greater things to come for the students. Many of these 8th graders will help lay the foundations of what the high school will be as the second graduating class four years from now.