Home Business Owners Box and Other Retail at Lakeland Town Square Opening Soon

Owners Box and Other Retail at Lakeland Town Square Opening Soon

Outside of Owners Box Sports Grill in Lakeland Town Sqaure.

Many ask about the opening of The Owners Box, what appears will be the first full-service restaurant to open in Lakeland in quite a while. The owners, who are Lakeland residents, are excited to open as soon as possible. They are wrapping up inspections over the next few weeks among other necessary electrical, air, heat, and plumbing functions before they put on the finishing touches. When it’s done, it will certainly be a hub for gatherings, events, Saturday football and much more.

The layout is spacious with seating anticipated for over 350 customers.  The patio will hold a dozen tables, but a second patio may be pursued for more outdoor seating plus a firepit area. The beers on tap will be extra cool because of the refrigeration in the wall right behind the bar, a feature most bars do not have. As an added bonus, they will have games on with sound to allow for an immersive experience, unlike many restaurants that play music instead during a game. It’s the upscale sports dining experience that Lakeland residents are really excited to see.

Lakeland Town Square currently has interior work ongoing for Carrington Oaks Coffeehouse and is expected to see Margaritas Restaurant begin work this Fall. The outparcels on Hwy 70 along with Phase 2 under construction will host more restaurants than currently completed phase 1. Stay tuned for updates on more businesses opening in the coming months throughout Lakeland. As for Owners Box, we will keep you updated with more details within the next 30 days.