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No Reported Fire In Stonebridge Says Shelby County Fire Department

Fletcher Trace Parkway in Stonebridge. Saturday, December 30, 2023.

A social media post on Friday, December 29, 2023 suggested there was a house fire underway in Lakeland. According to the post, which was posted on a Lakeland, TN community Facebook page, the fire was located off Fletcher Trace Parkway in the Stonebridge neighborhood. However, no details were given.

Lakeland Currents reached out to Brent Perkins, Public Information Office with the Shelby County Fire Department, but Mr. Perkins said there was nothing to report at this time. “I have nothing to report about a fire in the Stonebridge area,” Mr. Perkins said. He noted that another off duty fireman called and asked about a fire off Fletcher Trace earlier this morning and he also told him there was no record of a fire on December 29 in which a fire department responded.

“Ladder 65, which is the Lakeland station, was unaware of a fire in that location yesterday,” he said. Mr. Perkins also reached out to the backup Shelby County Fire Department station that also handles fires in Lakeland and they were also unaware. “I even called Memphis Fire [Department] to see if they responded to any calls in that area and they had not,” he said.

If Lakeland Currents learns more about this event we will update the story.