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New Video to Publicize the Good News About Lakeland

By year’s end, there should be a promotional video about Lakeland, its citizens, its schools, its activities and its features which make it a unique place to live and work.

The one-to-two minute video was recommended by the Lakeland Economic Development Commission to promote the City and use for recruitment purposes, said Jim Atkinson, Lakeland city manager.  It also will be utilized to drive economic growth in Lakeland, according to Matt Wright, Lakeland commissioner.

The filming started May 13 at the second annual Tour de Lakeland and Spring Festival at IH Park.  There were other shots of flower planting at IH, fishing at the IH Lake, walking and bike riding on trails and soccer games at City Hall fields.

Mr. Atkinson said there are three more half-day shoots not yet scheduled.

“They will be spaced out, with the last one sometime this fall,”  he said.   “We have most of the shots mapped out, and will definitely include the middle school (with kids in it), fall sports including football footage, LAMP concerts, etc.

“We hope to have a final product near the end of the year, and then make it available everywhere to promote the City and use it for recruitment purposes.”

The $7,500 cost of the video production by Running Pony was funded by an EDGE (Economic Development Growth Engine) grant, said Mr. Atkinson.

The video committee includes Vice Mayor Josh Roman, Commissioner Wright, Mr. Atkinson, Dr. Ted Horrell, Lakeland School System superintendent and Wil Ashworth, president of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce.

“Running Pony has a tremendous reputation in the Memphis area. Their work is phenomenal,” said Vice Mayor Roman.

“This video will be used as part of a regional marketing campaign set to begin in the fall of 2017,” noted Commissioner Wright.