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Municipal Planning and Design Review Commission Meeting This Week

City Hall. File Photo.

This Thursday evening at City Hall the Municipal Planning and Design Review Commissions will gather to revisit the Glide Xpress Car Wash Final Development Plan. On a related story the Car Wash USA might be closing, that is not confirmed but we are asking for confirmation. The proposed Glide Xpress in on a C-2 zoned parcel of 4.86 acres. The Board of Commissioners (BOC) approved the Preliminary Development Plan at their June 9, 2022, meeting with the recommendation of the MPC. The BOC conditional approval requires the applicant to provide one of the following elements to the facades: (A) Replace all the split-faced block with another material, (B) Replace a portion of the split-faced block with another material or (C) Provide undulations along the façade to break up the long walls of split-faces block.

About those cluster boxes, like those in Oakwood Grove – In 2017, the United States Postal Service (USPS) published the National Delivery Planning Standards: A Guide for Builders and Developers on Cluster Mailbox Unit. City of Lakeland staff reports that USPS provides builders and developers information packets that provided further information. CBUs provide centralized mail service versus individual curbside mailboxes. Both documents provide standards such as: how delivery will take place, development that requires, what equipment will be required and installation requirements and standards. While USPS must approve each CBU location, the guidance from the USPS fails to address the design aesthetics, landscaping, or parking for CBU’s which falls on the guidance of the MPC/DRC.

Another new restaurant is on the way. Kukuruku Crispy Chicken is seeking to have a wall sign on the front building façade of 8950 Highway 64, Suite 102. The restaurant will be in an empty bay to the east of Dryve Cleaners. The zoning is C2-General Business and allows for restaurant use. The proposed sign area is 84 square feet and will be illuminated using LED channel letters (white, red and yellow with bronze returns).