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Motel 6 Has Its Day in Court

Motel 6 in Lakeland

The owners of the motel at 9822 Huff N Puff Road have until March 16 to submit a complete application for façade changes to the Lakeland Design Review Commission (DRC), as ordered in court Thursday (1.18.18).

Jim Atkinson, Lakeland city manager, and John Highsmith, City code enforcement officer, attended Memphis and Shelby County Environment Court for the City’s case against Motel 6.


“The original complaint dealt with façade changes (white paint) without DRC approval and beyond that, the white paint is not consistent with our design standards, and changing the façade could require full compliance with our development codes, which require brick, stone, etc.,” said Mr. Atkinson.

“Motel 6 also installed exterior building lights without approval, and they do not comply with our lighting code. The lights are being removed,“ said Mr. Atkinson.

Mr. Atkinson said Judge Larry E. Potter ordered Motel 6 to have a complete application (per City development regulations) reviewed by the DRC no later than March 16. “That would give the owner two chances to be prepared– February and March DRC meetings. The content of the application will need to be consistent with our design standards, and the DRC has design discretion when reviewing the application.”

The 1973 motel is listed on Shelby County records as owned by Quantum Hotels LLC in Memphis.

,,, Photos of Motel 6 taken today (1.19.18) by Jim Willis, Lakeland Currents.