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Miss Smith Goes To Los Angeles

Foster Smith is a contestant on Food Network's "Biz Kids" Baking show.

Foster Smith, daughter of Anna and Jared Smith, has been busy baking. A Navy family, the Smiths were once Lakeland residents and plan on moving back very soon from their current home in Virginia. Back in 2018 Foster started watching the Kids Baking Championship with the family. The first episode they watched; the kids were tasked with making eclairs. The family made eclairs about five times as a family that day and it took five times for them to get it right. Foster then decided it was best to take the initiative of new recipes on her own. In August 2019, Foster submitted her first audition. It was more of a whim than thinking she might make it on the show. A few months later, they were happily surprised she got a call back for interviews. She was not ready for the show that year but took the solitude of the pandemic to hone her skills. She auditioned two more times, and the third time was the charm!

Foster and a popcorn cake she made.

When the Smith’s moved to Virginia for a Navy assignment, Foster began a baking business at home. She makes one item a week for up to 100 customers. She has learned about the baking business, net versus gross, and how to invest your earnings. Foster was a perfect fit for season 11, Biz Kids. The twelve contestants are from all over the country. She has formed friendships that give her an outlet for her baking knowledge and passion. She loves chatting with them about American buttercream versus Swiss meringue buttercream and how to perfect a macaron. The kitchen floor is constantly covered in buttercream, and Foster’s younger brother likes to yell out “one-hour bakers” when she’s on deadline for an order. The Smiths are so grateful for all the support, well wishes and cheers from their Tennessee friends! Shows air at 7pm CST on Mondays. There are 10 episodes total per season. There are eight more to the finale.

Foster’s Instagram is @fostergracebakes