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Michael Lebow of Gainesville on The Growing Popularity of Peacocks as Pets


Michael Lebow of Gainesville is a proud family-man who is part of a growing trend in Florida. Families are caring for peacocks as free-range pets. Michael Lebow and his family encourage others with the ability to offer a great home to peacocks to consider caring for them. Today, Michael Lebow of Gainesville will offer up advice on what people should know peacocks require before considering them as pets.

One thing people will learn when they start to research more about peacocks is that the official name for this gorgeous animal is the peafowl. A peacock is simply a male peafowl. Most people refer to either gender as a peacock, but they are officially peafowl. In addition to that fun fact, potential peacock owners will need to have plenty of space in order to properly care for these creatures. Experts tend to suggest 80 square feet of living space to allow a peacock to roam freely and exercise. Michael Lebow explains that the more space a peacock has, the better. The amount of space needed makes it difficult for those who don’t live on a large plot of land to consider these animals as pets. Most peacocks will stick to their territory – if they have enough area to run free. Should the owners decide to provide a caged habitat, it will require a cage that is at least 7 feet high. Otherwise, the peacocks will not be allowed to fly or spread their wings

In addition to spacing concerns, owners should know that peacocks can be quite noisy during mating season. Michael Lebow explains that peacocks tend to shriek every now and then, so those who don’t live in rural areas will not be able to tend to these animals without upsetting the neighborhood. Either way, it’s always a nice courtesy to reach out to neighbors and let them know that you will have peacocks living on your property.

One of the main reasons Michael Lebow of Gainesville can properly care for peacocks is because they live in a warmer environment. Peacocks will always prefer warmer temperatures to cooler temperatures. They are naturally built to enjoy the warmer weather. Experts do not believe they need to live in a humid area, but they would prefer the heat and humidity to dropping temperatures and will live happier and healthier in areas who do not endure months of cold temperatures.

Michael Lebow MDThose who want to care for peacocks must be willing to protect them from predators. Natural predators for peacocks are not just wolves and coyotes but even dogs can be a threat. Obviously, the best way to protect your peacocks is to provide an enclosed space for them to live. If they are on an open plot of land, owners can offer protection by creating perch boxes for them to fly into in the event of a nearby predator crossing their path. Those who are unable to offer this type of protection should not have peacocks as pets.

When it comes to food, peacocks are used to eating a whole assortment of food when they live in the wild. Those who care for peacocks should make sure that they have access to green vegetables daily as well as some sort of bird feed or even a dog food that will ensure they receive the proper amount of protein. Most bird feeds will feature chicken and that will do well as a protein source. Michael Lebow also encourages owners to offer their peacocks fruit as an occasional snack as they absolutely love it.

The toughest part of caring for peacocks is ensuring they maintain their health. Peacocks are highly susceptible to getting worms. Herbal wormer products will need to be provided just about once every three months. There’s also a fear of parasites. It helps to live in an area like Gainesville where farm veterinarians are nearby. They are trained on how to treat the types of parasites that peacocks may be exposed to.

Overall, Michael Lebow believes peacocks are awesome animals that deserve to live happy and healthy lives. Those who are willing to dedicate the time and effort it takes to care for these animals will gain just as much from the experience of owning them as the peacocks will while they are being cared for. With that being said, families who can’t provide all of the care mentioned above should not consider adding peacocks to their family.