Home Attractions Memphis Symphony Orchestra Big Band Scheduled To Play Lakeland Event In May

Memphis Symphony Orchestra Big Band Scheduled To Play Lakeland Event In May

The Delta Blues Winery located in Lakeland, will host the upcoming Night Of Enchantment. Image from the Delta Blues Winery Facebook page.

In the wake of the successful Fall Arts Festival last year, the Lakeland Arts Council (LAC) recently announced its upcoming Spring event, “A Night of Enchantment,” which will feature the renowned Memphis Symphony Orchestra Big Band. The event is scheduled to take place on May 19th at 6pm at the picturesque Delta Blues Winery in Lakeland.

The idea for this enchanting evening came about during discussions among LAC members, including LAC President Wesley Wright, who envisioned bringing a professional orchestral or symphonic organization to Lakeland. The LAC’s efforts have paid off, as the Memphis Symphony Orchestra Big Band has been secured as the musical act for the event.

The choice of Delta Blues Winery as the venue adds to the allure of the evening, providing a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience. In addition to the outstanding musical performance, food offerings will complement the entertainment, ensuring a delightful evening for all attendees.

“We are thrilled to present ‘A Night of Enchantment’ as our inaugural Spring event,” said Wesley Wright. “This event represents a significant milestone for the Lakeland Arts Council, and we are grateful to our local sponsors for their support in making this dream a reality.”

The LAC said the public is invited, and the event is free. Updates and further information about the event can be found on LakelandTnArts.com, as well as on the LAC’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Attendees are encouraged to check those pages for updates on future events and collaborations with local music and arts organizations.

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