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Max Moreno of Boise on How to Maximize Family Time This Holiday Season

Max Moreno Boise

Max Moreno of Boise has years of executive-level experience in private golf club management. This career path, like so many others, is extremely demanding of a person’s time. Max Moreno has learned that time management is essential for anyone who looks to balance a personal and professional life. The emphasis on time management is only amplified during the holiday season. Today, Max Moreno will share some tips that he has developed over the years that ensure busy professionals can make the most of their family time this holiday season.

Max Moreno recommends that everyone maintains some sort of task management system. This can be as simple as utilizing their calendar in their email or having a planner where every upcoming event can be tracked. Most jobs require that certain goals are met by the end of the year. Physically writing down what needs to be done each day to achieve these goals can go a long way in making them feel more achievable. This time management system should also be utilized to track any holiday events that are on the way. For people with children, this typically includes holiday recitals, trips to their place of worship, and parties with family and friends. Knowing what needs to be done to appear at these major events will allow a person to set daily goals throughout the month of December.

Max Moreno of Boise believes that his next piece of advice is the simplest, yet most difficult piece of advice he can provide a person. This advice is to get comfortable with saying no to things. After writing down all a person’s upcoming holiday responsibilities, it will become pretty clear what events are a priority and what events would be a luxury. Max Moreno says people will enjoy their holiday season with family a lot more when they don’t try to cram in every event or party into their schedule. Hosts of parties will be much more receptive to a reply of no than a person simply ignoring their request or waiting until the last moment to RSVP. Proper organization will make saying no all the easier because a schedule’s availability will be crystal clear.

Max Moreno encourages people to make the most of their off days. The biggest regrets after the holiday season come from failing to capitalize on quality holiday time. Going into every weekend with a plan will help eliminate days where activities could have been accomplished but no one could decide what to do. It’s also perfectly acceptable to block out downtime that will focus on nothing more than enjoying a bowl of popcorn and watching holiday movies. Quality time comes in all shapes and sizes. However, a checklist of holiday activities that the whole family wants to enjoy will make filling in the gaps of the schedule much simpler.

Max Moreno says that all of his advice helps a person with the most important piece of information he can offer a busy professional and that is to be fully present in whatever they are doing. Time management allows a person to devote 100% of their attention to whatever they are doing in the moment, because they know that is exactly where they should be at the time. It’s easy to grow distracted at work during the holidays without proper time management. There’s so much going on with family traveling in and out, parties to attend, parties to plan for, and much more. When everything is properly scheduled, the anxiety of not getting to a particular event fade away. This also allows for people to continue their normal rate of productivity at work while also maximizing their enjoyment during family activities.

Finally, Max Moreno recommends that people consider what is important to them during the holidays. A professional should not feel any shame for prioritizing some rest and relaxation with the people they love. Afterall, these people are usually the reason a professional works so hard to achieve success in their career. Improving upon time management skills will ensure a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday season, so a person can enter the new year ready for success.