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Margaritas Restaurant Construction Underway

Inside Margaritas Restaurant at Lakeland Town Square on Highway 70.

In a matter of months Lakeland Town Square hopes to have three different restaurants open in Phase One of the development on Highway 70. According to the developers more could be coming in Phase Two, which is already under construction. Officials believe Lakeland Prep’s positioning just across highway 70 is a perfect complement to the dining options that will be diverse and should cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Owners Box Bar and Grill and Carrington Oaks Coffeehouse are both looking to open soon and with the addition of Margaritas Restaurant there will be three options in Lakeland Town Square with plentiful seating and outdoor dining.

Margaritas Restaurant is a well-established brand in West Tennessee with eight locations already. Lakeland resident Jose Flores, the owner of Margaritas, is looking to expand even more and he’s excited to have a location here in Lakeland. The closest location to Lakeland is currently at Germantown Road and Dexter Road.

Soon Margaritas will be in our community giving us an even greater mix of options with drink specials, some unique appetizers, some terrific “From the Grill” entrees and Mr. Flores said do not forget the “Big and Tall’ section of the menu. Lakeland, a town of nearly 15,000 residents, has lacked dining options for too long, but with Lakeland Town Square and The Lake District that will start to change this fall and winter.