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LPS Theatre Company Wins Awards

In their first year eligible to participate in the Orpheum’s High School Musical Theatre Awards the LPS Theatre Company won two out of five nominations. Outstanding Lighting for Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical (design by Jeff white) and the second was the Spotlight Award, which is given when a production shows outstanding achievement in an area that doesn’t typically fit in one of the award categories. The judges were so impressed with the sound design in the spring production of The Lightning Thief, that they awarded LPS Theatre Company with the Spotlight Award for Sound Design and Execution and are adding this award to future ceremonies!

Two students from each school participating in the awards were invited to perform during the ceremony, Zoey Yale and Aja jones performed in opening and closing numbers representing Lakeland Prep. Looking forward at the 2024-2025 school year the LPS Theatre Company has two wonderful productions in store. The Fall play performance “The Day the Internet Died” is November 7-10. The Spring musical “Disney’s Descendants The Musical” will be April 3-6. Mark your calendars.