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LPS Theatre Company Performance Of Ghostlight A Success

Cast and crew for Ghostlight. Image courtesy of Eric Criswell.

By Wesley Wright
LPS Orchestra Booster Club President

After 4 shows the middle and high school theatre group (7th – 10th grade) struck set (deconstructed) Sunday evening with all hands-on deck from students and parents with intentions of using the same materials down the road. As the program grows, grades are added, sets gradually become more complex, students refine their craft and the productions more ambitious. Naima Harper Bey transformed into the leading role of Garbiela Nettles, while other leading roles of Fantine (Alexa Daniels), Clovis (Gabe Nguyen) and Jackson Nettles (Jacob Mans) provided excellent support. Many students shared the stage, but it was by no means a large production. The scale lended itself quite well into the narrative and allowed for the uniqueness of the story, moments of audience participation and occasional laughter to fill the space.

Original music from Theatre director Jeff White commenced and concluded the play while students behind the scenes ran the production. If you didn’t see it, you missed an opportunity to enjoy an event that runs without the intervention of adult direction, discipline is an understatement.

The program continues to expand while two more productions are upcoming – Winter Musical Schoolhouse Rock Live, Jr. January 26th – 28th and Spring Musical The Lightning Thief: A Percy Jackson Musical April 4th – 7th Mark your calendars!