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LPS Choir Program On The Rise

LPS Auditorium

by Wesley Wright

Mr. Hansen, the choir program director, has made a great impression his first year bringing his youthful and charismatic energy to LPS. The leadership in each of the arts departments have cultivated an environment of collaboration with one another over the years, and Mr. Hansen played a part in many performances this year across various platforms. If not on stage, he assisted with lighting and sound in the auditorium booth. Currently the program has sixty-one students but that will change as the 10th grade expands next year and more will start to see what the choir program is starting to build. The medium of vocal music lends to the performer a different spectrum of expression and potential both in tune and lyric that will attract many youth that may not be drawn to an instrument.

In the very near future, according to Mr. Hansen, he is “planning on having an Advanced Treble Choir for high school, which will likely be our flagship ensemble.” He also said that there will also be an SATB choir with more HS girls, combining boys from the middle and high school. Then there will also be 2 middle school choirs, one beginner, and one advanced. With three more grades on the horizon, with the increased student population but also vocal maturity – the variety of potential ensembles are many. The Choir program, much like the String Quartet and the Jazz Band will be expanding their performance horizons soon.  These are exciting times for Choral music at LPS.

If you would like to contact Mr Hansen: chansen@lakelandk12.org