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LPS Band Roaring Into New School Year

LPS Band picture courtesy NW Media.

By Wesley Wright
LPS Orchestra Booster Club President

The LPS Band, a rapidly expanding program at Lakeland Prep, is eagerly anticipating another outstanding year. The high school marching band has grown, boasting over fifty members, more than doubling its size this year. During a productive May band camp, the students focused on refining their marching skills, improving tone quality, and practicing the field show music. The color guard, which has tripled in size this year, is determined to visually interpret the music through expressive dance, movement, and equipment performances. Currently engaged in a traditional band camp, these students will spend two weeks learning new music, showcasing part of their field show, and forming lifelong friendships.

The theme for the 2023 LPS Marching Band production is “Dark Wings: Dark Omens.” Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock, the performance centers around the sinister reputation of crows and ravens. Known as harbingers of ill fate and associated with loss, their black plumage and haunting calls evoke feelings of worry and dread. “Dark Wings: Dark Omens” will captivate audiences with its powerful symbolism.

The LPS Middle School Band is also anticipating a year of growth and musical excellence. The 2023-2024 beginning band marks the largest enrollment in the school’s history, with over eighty members joining the program. These enthusiastic students will embark on a musical journey, learning to read sheet music, assemble instruments, and produce beautiful sounds over the next few months.

Building upon last year’s achievements, the LPS Concert Band and Jazz are eager to continue their success. The LPS Band had an exceptional year of participation in All West events and showcased their musical prowess at the WTSBOA Concert Festival, Solo and Ensemble, and Jazz Festival. Mr. Hopper and Mr. Radcliffe, the band directors, have an array of exciting plans in store for the LPS Band this year! It is certainly an exciting time to be in Lakeland, and an even more exciting time to be involved in LPS Music!