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Looking Ahead: Lakeland’s Strategic Goals Set Vision for Tomorrow

Lakeland City Hall. File photo.

In a meeting held on March 7th, the Lakeland Board of Commissioners (BOC) voted to approve a set of strategic goals that will shape the priorities for the city’s Fiscal Year 2025 Annual Budget and long-term financial plans. The resolution passed with four Commissioners voting in favor, while Commissioner Connie McCarter dissented. The plans and goals represent the city’s commitment to planning and development as it looks towards the future. The approved goals will help guide city staff in their allocation of resources and efforts to ensure Lakeland remains a vibrant and safe community for its residents.

The approved strategic goals cover a range of areas the BOC believes is crucial to the city’s development. According to city documents the strategic plans includes an emphasis on the following:

Enhance City Planning: The city aims to complete the adoption of revised Land Development Regulations and implement the PULSE Comprehensive Plan. Efforts will be made to effectively communicate changes to developers, residents, and constituents.

Public Safety: Lakeland plans to coordinate with public safety partners to address facility needs and explore additional community lighting for enhanced public safety and crime prevention. The city also intends to look into utilizing contract security services for safety along the borders with neighboring communities and develop funding strategies for a roundabout system on the Highway 70 corridor.

Economic Development: The focus will be on enhancing City of Lakeland amenities and tax base through economic development initiatives. The city plans to leverage benefits provided within tax increment financing districts and closely monitor progress against projections.

Parks and Recreation: Lakeland aims to complete the construction of the Lakeland Community Center and Phase II of the Memphis Arlington Athletic Complex. Additionally, efforts will continue to explore the provision and construction of additional recreational baseball or softball facilities to expand available program space.

Road Maintenance: Prioritization of road maintenance and paving will continue, with a focus on utilizing preventative treatments to extend roadway life where warranted.