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LAMP Concerts Returning To IH Park This Summer

LAMP concert file photo.

Last summer, there was no musical activity coming from International Harvester (IH) Park on Canada Road. That was due to a gas line project that needed to be completed before New Canada Road construction could begin. During this time, dirt work was being done in the area where the gravel lot once stood so parking was not available at IH for large crowds. The Lakeland Parks and Recreation department had previously approved an asphalt parking lot to replace the gravel lot at IH, and that is now being constructed. With the new parking lot in place, the LAMP can once again return to its original home. Now residents can come back and enjoy concerts at the original location with food trucks, festivities, and live music

Additionally, an application for a grant is in the works, which will help fund the construction of permanent restrooms that people can use during events such as the LAMP. Although this will not be completed this year, officials hope it will become an added amenity in the coming years. The LAMP concert schedule is expected to be released soon.