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Lakeland’s Future Takes Center Stage At May PULSE Meeting

Beverle Rivera Drive and Garner Lake. File photo.

In an eagerly awaited gathering, the Comprehensive Plan committee, known as P.U.L.S.E, met in May to tackle the pressing issue of Lakeland’s future. At the meeting, committee members focused their attention on a draft of the highly anticipated Future Land Use Plan for the city. While the meetings are open to the public, the turnout was modest, with only two attendees present one of which was Vice Mayor Wesley Wright, who stressed the need to consider the end-product, population growth, and the impact on the Lakeland School System, which must be safeguarded.

For those wishing to contribute their thoughts on land use, P.U.L.S.E encourages reaching out to a member (listed at the end of the article). A group of knowledgeable advisors from firms such as Kimley-Horn, Development Studio, and LRK were also present at the meeting, adding their expertise to the discussion. It was made abundantly clear that the issue of land-use must be addressed before delving into the intricacies of the transportation plan segment. In a bid for transparency, BOC liaison Commissioner Connie McCarter proposed sharing the information with absent members, ensuring that everyone has access to crucial insights.

During the meeting, Kevin Bingham emerged as a standout participant, posing thought-provoking questions regarding the anticipated population growth in the next two decades, among other pressing concerns. The P.U.L.S.E committee’s primary objective is to develop an implementation plan that faithfully captures the aspirations of Lakeland’s residents, drawing on the valuable feedback shared during numerous public input meetings and completed surveys. With their keen eye on the future, P.U.L.S.E is determined to shape a vision that truly reflects the hopes and dreams of the Lakeland community.

View The Lakeland Compressive Plan Here

Board Members and Advisors

Staff Advisor: Paul Luker, Planning Director
Keith Acton, kacton@comcast.net
Kevin Bingham, kbingham@tngeo.com
Mark Donley, mark.donley@bargedesign.com
Rebecca Hecker-Mosbruger, rhecker_m@hotmail.com
Carl Helton, carl.helton@att.net
Randall Hoeschen, rjhoeschen@att.net
Ben Ledsinger, bledsinger@ssr-inc.com
Scott Milliet, millietsr@gmail.com
Commissioner Connie McCarter, cmccarter@lakelandtn.org