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Lakeland School Board Meeting July Recap

The Lakeland School Board meeting, held on July 10, 2023, commenced with two Lakeland students, Jacob and Joshua Mans, leading the pledge of allegiance for those in attendance. With an agenda containing over thirty items, the evening appeared long and daunting, but the school board managed it efficiently. The meeting, held at Lakeland City Hall, covered various useful topics over two hours. Among the updates, Superintendent Horrell provided a brief description of the planned location for the new Lakeland schools administrative offices. The offices will be situated on the southern end of the upcoming neighborhood, Lakeland Meadows, which is located near Seed Tick Road and north of Highway 70.

Two other noteworthy items were the approval of an update to school policy 6.309 – Zero Tolerance Offenses. The revised policy aims to provide a broader scope of protection for students from various types of misconduct by their peers. Another important approval was the contract with Engaged Systems for the Centegix Crisis Response System. This system empowers staff to alert the appropriate personnel in case of medical emergencies or other crises.