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Lakeland School Board Anticipates A Return To Normalcy Next Year

File photo. Students enter Lakeland Prep with masks on in August of 2020.

According to Dr. Ted Horrell, Superintendent of Lakeland School System, students and parents can anticipate a return to normalcy starting in August of 2021. That message, which was discussed at the Lakeland School Board meeting this mast Monday, May 3rd, was well received both by the board and local parents.

Dr. Horrell said he’s often asked what will school be like next year. His answer is simple, “I hope and think it will look like school.” Dr. Horrell added, “That includes changing classes, eating in the cafeteria, and having programs, performances, plays, and sports as we have (in the past).” He also added mask will not be required but if a parent chooses for their child to wear a mask it would not be an issue. Dr. Horrell and the school board stressed that is the plan based on current data and recommendations but things could possibly change. However, all adults in the school are vaccinated, as well as some students, and a return to the precautions taken this year is simply not expected.

School Board Member Laura Harrison said she was excited about a return to normal so students and parents can once again enjoy a typical school year in Lakeland. “With the vaccine availability being widespread and current case trends, LSS envisions the 21-22 as a return to normal. The parents, students, and community have been very supportive of this years requirements, but our students have missed out on many experiences that go beyond classroom learning which are also key to student success. It’s time to return to ‘normal’ and provide all the opportunities that students need for future success.”

School officials expect a return to normal next school year where programs like the LES Veterans Day program can hopefully be resumed. LC file photo

School Board Member Jeremy Burnett echoed Mrs. Harrison’s thoughts telling Lakeland Currents, “I’m excited for the planning and consideration that Dr. Horrell and his team are going through to make this fall a 5 Day a week, in class experience with lunch in the cafeteria, changing classes, performances, and athletics returning to normal.” He also added next year will be a milestone year since the high school Vice Principal will officially begin work. “A normal schedule will be nice since the new Vice Principal will be in the building and getting to know the students and parents of the future freshman class of Lakeland Prep.” The first freshman class for Lakeland Prep will begin in August of 2022.

One question that cannot be fully answered according to Dr. Horrell is the quarantine policy should a student test positive for COVID-19. A class might be required to quarantine if a student test positive, but at this point, that’s not known and a decision will be made later.